Karawo Research Group

Background the research

The purpose of this Karawo Research Group is to make the sustainable development of “Karawo” traditional manufacturing industry while trying to deeply understand the traditional embroidery Karawo including its historical backgrounds, socioeconomic, health assessment, technical and design challenges of Karawo workers. Karawo is one of the social icons of Gorontalo residents with an interesting long history.

Goals of the Karawo study

・Sustainable development of traditional manufacturing industry “Karawo”

・Inheriting tradition and culture on “Karawo” to next generations

・Fostering healthy, creative, culturally rich, and socially connected communities

Basic Research 

First, we will perform the following “Basic research” activities. 

  • Learning about the historical, cultural, method, and design of Karawo. 
  • Social and economic research of communities of Karawo workers. 
  • Identifying technical and design issues.  
  • Health assessment research of Karawo workers. 

Transdisciplinary Practical Research

We will perform the following “Transdisciplinary Practical Research” activities.

Evaluating the TDCOP activities regarding 1) the sustainable development of the traditional manufacturing industry and its successor, 2) the effects of TDCOP on society, 3) the new design development, market development, etc., and 4) the health conditions of Karawo makers.

For any inquiries call us: (+81) 075-707-2357 (Japanese) & 075-707-2344 (English)